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What Should I Do In Amsterdam as a Tourists


Amsterdam is situated on a beautiful canal and is full of historical monuments, museums, and beautiful rural sides. From the thriving metropolitan areas of Amsterdam to the pleasant countryside, one can certainly stay busy during their trip. Where do you stay when you are on vacation in Amsterdam? You can share your time in Amsterdam and stay in the metropolitan area, and later they can move through the picturesque countryside.

1. Rijksmuseum – Unrivalled art museum

The fantastic art museum in Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum, has no rival in art collection anywhere in Europe. The building itself is nothing less than a miracle itself. It includes an Asian pavilion and a light-flooded atrium. The museum’s collections range from art from the 15th century to the 21st century. The sexiest art label goes to Kitchen Maid by Vermeer, and The Night Watch by Rembrandt, look at them and you will understand why.

2. Red Light District

If you want to go to Amsterdam, you may already know something about the red light district. Admittedly, he has a bad international reputation, but more is happening than you might think. The area is not dangerous it is quite safe and offers a unique social mix. There are many storefronts, and the community in the red light district is multicultural. People from all walks of life are mixed, including prostitutes, carpenters, police, drug addicts, and clergymen. If you visit this region, you know that it is one of the jewels of Amsterdam.

3. Cycling

Cycling in Amsterdam is part of culture and history. This mode of transport has repeatedly played an important role in the history of Amsterdam and has become the current mode of transport in the city. There are many places to rent a bike in the city. Some bicycle rental companies also offer guided tours of all of Amsterdam’s main attractions. By allowing you to travel by bicycle, you also become a socialist and free citizen in the eyes of the Amsterdammers.

4. Canals of Amsterdam

Some people call Amsterdam the city of bridges and canals. In this maze of canals, there are cafes, shops and galleries. Prinsengracht is the essential canal covered with trees and barges. Western and Anne Frank House are also located here. The best residential places for tourists are also located in this area.

5. Visit Stedelijk Museum

The Stedelijk Museum is famous for its modern painters. Names like Malevitch, Chagall, and Picasso have their work in this 20th-century museum. More modern painters such as Judd, Nauman, and Warhol also have their works here. Skating If you don’t skate in Amsterdam, you will certainly miss a lot, especially in winter. The frozen water on the canals is one of the most attractive to skaters around the world.

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