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Tour Of Zagreb In Croatia – Your Tour Guide


Zagreb is a dynamic city in Croatia, both in appearance and in spirit, attracting around one million visitors, mainly from Italy, Germany, and Austria. However, as Croatia is at the centre of the world map for tourists, the popularity of Zagreb continues to increase. Explore the city and you will find similarities with Vienna and Budapest, Prague and other capitals of Central Europe, even more in the medieval old town with its impressive architecture and cobbled streets.

Gornji Grad (Upper Town): the picturesque upper town with its cobbled streets and buildings from the Middle Ages to the 19th century are a delight for visitors. On the other hand, Donji Grad (lower town) boasts a geometric grid plan, with a series of green squares surrounded by Austro-Hungarian buildings from the late 19th century.

Zagreb walking tours: travel agencies in the city organize two-hour walking tours through Zagreb. You can view the travel agency Event, which organizes these trips with a guide in historical costumes. The tour starts at the tourist information centre of Zagreb (TIC) and then makes its way through the upper city, giving you the opportunity to see the Dolac open market, the cathedral, St. Mark’s Square and finally a view of the city from Lotrscak Tower. A coffee break in an old-fashioned café is also included in the tour. The tour can also be adjusted and extended to three hours to combine walking with a bus ride and other alternatives such as ‘Green Zagreb’ and ‘Zagreb by Night’.

Medvednica Nature Park: there are some excursions that you can take to the Medvednica Nature Park. The slopes here are perfect for walking. From the highest peak, Sljeme, at 1,033m, the 360-degree views of the city are simply incredible. The peak can be reached with the cable car. There are some hiking trails that run through woodland, various mountain huts where you can enjoy meals and overnight stays. By the way, there are around 15 cycle paths. In winter you can also enjoy skiing.

Samobor: Samobor is another popular excursion that you can take. The place with its romantic cobbled streets is best known for its kremsnita (custard pie). You can also visit the elegant central square and the picturesque Mala Venecija riverbank, also known as Little Venice. Also, visit the nearby nature park Zumberak and Samobor with various interesting hiking trails.

Visitors can choose from the ever-increasing choice of luxury accommodation, including private villas in Croatia and an abundance of restaurants and bars. Take the shiny trams to see some of the most important cultural sights of Croatia.

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